11 Oct 2022 09:44

Belarus expands entry options for EU truckers

MINSK. Oct 11 (Interfax) - Belarus expanded options for how truckers from the European Union can enter the country as of October 10, allowing them to get entry permits directly from the Transport Ministry's transportation inspectorate, the ministry told Interfax.

Previously, truckers from the EU could enter Belarus to subsequently transfer freight or trailers from their trucks with permits that Belarus issued to the relevant authorities of the other countries, but now they will also be able to apply directly to the transport inspectorate for an entry permit, the ministry said.

The previously imposed rules requiring transfer of freight or trailers from European haulers' trucks will remain in place, as will the process of using permits to travel through Belarus issued by the Belarusian side to the relevant authorities of other countries, the ministry said.

The procedure for how European truckers can apply to the Belarusian transportation inspectorate is posted on the Transport Ministry's website.