6 Oct 2022 14:45

Russia to reroute oil exports to countries ready for normal cooperation in response to price cap - Russian Foreign Ministry

MOSCOW. Oct 6 (Interfax) - Russia will reroute oil exports to other countries in response to the oil price cap, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said.

"Our response will be the rerouting of oil exports to countries that are ready for normal cooperation with us," Zakharova said at a press briefing on Thursday.

The idea to impose "an arbitrary" oil price cap "is yet another confirmation that market economy principles are alien to Brussels and Washington," she said.

"There is manual control, political pressure on all economic actors. The strictly geopolitical task of weakening Russia and, naturally, boosting the revenue of companies, giants, monopoly entities that provide political support and financing to the Western political circles is the top priority," Zakharova said.

Earlier on Thursday, the European Union endorsed the eighth package of anti-Russian sanctions, thus laying the legal basis for the Russian oil price cap.