5 Oct 2022 20:21

Novak: Russia insisting on access to Nord Stream investigation, ready to start deliveries via Nord Stream 2 in event of regulator's decision

MOSCOW. Oct 5 (Interfax) - Russia is insisting on access to the Nord Stream investigation and is ready to start supplying gas via Nord Stream 2 in the event of the relevant decision by the European regulator, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said during a Rossiya 24 TV channel broadcast.

"As of today, Denmark and Sweden have announced that they have launched an investigation [into the Nord Stream incident]. Unfortunately, neither the Nord Stream project operator nor our entities, Gazprom - the principal owner of the respective critical infrastructure - and Rostekhnadzor have not been permitted to take part in the investigation. We believe that such an investigation must be carried out objectively, with the participation of Russian specialists, in order to provide an objective picture of what happened. And only after that will it be possible to draw the appropriate conclusions. That is why we insist on this participation and, accordingly, expect that such work will be carried out jointly with our specialists," the deputy prime minister said.

"At the moment there is no answer yet, and we see that the investigation itself has not actually started, it has only been announced. So far, the situation that is happening with the release of gas has not yet been completed, and the work that would allow the examination to begin has not yet started," he added.

"Indeed, with regard to one branch of Nord Stream 2, this pipeline is still in proper technical condition, according to the preliminary assessment. As you know, it was completed, and was filled with technical gas. But as you know, sanctions were imposed on this primary infrastructure, and the pipeline is not certified. But if the appropriate decisions are made by European colleagues on the need to supply gas to European consumers through this pipeline and all the necessary legal formal procedures for the launch are carried out, we will be ready to ensure delivery via this route," Novak said.

"I cannot tell you the timeline [for starting supplies], how can we know? If the relevant decisions are made, this timeframe, I think, will not be lengthy, since the gas pipeline is actually built," he said.