5 Oct 2022 14:00

Over 200 hacker attacks recorded daily on Russian IT infrastructure

PERM. Oct 5 (Interfax) - The number of hacker attacks on Russia's information infrastructure has multiplied since February of this year, with more than 200 attacks recorded daily, Deputy Director of the National Computer Incident Coordination Center Nikolai Murashov said on Wednesday.

"An average of more than 200 complex cyberattacks are recorded daily by the state system of detecting, preventing and eliminating the consequences of computer attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation," Murashov said during an infoforum in Perm.

Cyberattacks are launched from various countries, he said. The purpose of these attacks is to disable the information infrastructure and obtain unauthorized access to information systems.

Murashov believes that the neglect of issues related to information security could cause substantial damage in economic and social areas.

At this point, a list of key enterprises that need to take measures to assess the security of their information resources is prepared at the federal level, the expert added.

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