4 Oct 2022 18:23

Ukraine exports over 20 mln tonnes of grains worth $5.2 bln in Jan-Aug 2022 - Agrarian Economy Institute

MOSCOW. Oct 4 (Interfax) - Ukraine exported 20.2 million tonnes of major grains in January-August 2022, down 25% compared with the same period of 2021, while the foreign currency revenue from the delivery decreased by 18% to $5.22 billion.

In the breakdown by crops, 15.1 million tonnes of corn for $3.8 billion, 4.1 million tonnes of wheat for $1.2 billion and 0.8 million tonnes of barley for $0.2 billion were sold abroad over the first eight months of 2022, the Ukrainian media reported on Tuesday, citing the website of the Institute of Agrarian Economy national research center.

China remained the leading importer of Ukrainian grain, with a 14.4% ($749 million) share in the total grain exports for the period. Other major importers of Ukrainian grains were Romania (13.9%), Turkey (9.6%), Egypt (7.7%), Spain (7.0%), Poland (6.8%), the Netherlands (4.3%), Iran (3.1%), and Hungary (3.0%).

The aforementioned countries bring together almost 70% of the total revenue from all grain exports from Ukraine.

As reported, citing the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club association, Ukraine in September 2022 exported 6.9 million tonnes of agricultural products (52% up to August 2022) due to the resumption of shipping with food cargo from the country's three Black Sea ports as part of the Istanbul grain agreements. In particular, 4.4 million tonnes of grains, of which 2.16 million tonnes of corn, 1.8 million tonnes of wheat and 440,000 tonnes of barley were delivered to foreign markets.

The association said earlier that Ukraine exported 4.6 million tonnes of agricultural products in August, 3.0 million tonnes in July and 2.7 million tonnes in June. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy, Ukraine exported 1.74 million tonnes of agricultural products in May, 0.96 million tonnes in April, and 0.33 million tonnes in March.

Prior to the crisis, Ukraine exported on average 5-6 million tonnes of agricultural products each month, primarily through its maritime infrastructure in the Black Sea.