3 Oct 2022 13:16

Russian govt imposes countersanctions against foreign transport companies

MOSCOW. Oct 3 (Interfax) - The Russian government has banned international cargo transport on Russian territory for transport companies from the European Union, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Norway.

"To impose a ban on international automobile cargo transport in the Russian Federation by cargo transport vehicles owned by foreign carriers registered in the foreign states which introduced restrictive measures against Russian Federation citizens and Russian legal entities in the sphere of international automobile cargo transport," a resolution published on Saturday said.

The ban applies to two way transportation, transit, and transportation from or to a third country.

The resolution is valid from October 10 to December 31, 2022.

On September 28, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree giving the government powers to ban cargo transportation on Russian territory by carriers from the "unfriendly" countries.

From April 8, any Russian and Belarusian automobile transport enterprise has been banned from cargo transportation, including transit carriage, in the European Union.