29 Sep 2022 10:14

Four ships with grain leave Ukrainian ports for Bangladesh, Libya, Romania, Italy - UN

NEW YORK, UN. Sept 29 (Interfax) - Four ships carrying almost 115,000 tonnes of food departed from Ukrainian ports on Wednesday, having been cleared by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC), the United Nations said in a report.

"The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) reports that four vessels left Ukrainian ports today carrying a total of 114,925 metric tons of grain and other food products under the Black Sea Grain Initiative," the UN said.

According to the report, MV Magnum Fortune will bring 51,175 tonnes of wheat of Bangladesh, MV Almeray will deliver 32,400 tonnes of corn to Libya, MV Daytona Dynamic (26,000 tonnes of corn) is destined for Romania, and MV Frezya S (5,350 tonnes of sunflower meal) is on its way to Italy.

"As of 28 September, the total tonnage of grain and other foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports is 5,365,503 metric tons. A total of 484 voyages (249 inbound and 235 outbound) have been enabled so far," the UN said.