23 Sep 2022 13:24

Mobilization in Russian financial sector won't apply to those responsible for payments, settlements, collection, IT, client work

MOSCOW. Sept 23 (Interfax) - The partial mobilization currently taking place in Russia in accordance with the presidential decree of September 21 will not involve quite an extensive range of employees of the financial sector, according to a commentary of the Central Bank of Russia.

"Organizations of the infrastructure of the financial market, banks, other financial organizations and the Bank of Russia support the operations of all payments and settlements and the circulation of cash. The employees engaged in the critically important areas will stay at their work places so that the financial system continues operating smoothly, people receive their wages, pensions, social security benefits on time, payment cards and transfers work, and new loans are given. As a whole, so that the Russian economy and people receive the necessary supply of financial resources," the press service for the Central Bank quoted its governor Elvira Nabiullina as saying.

Those employees of the financial sectors are "specialists responsible for the critical infrastructure, payments and settlements, cash collection, operations and protection of information systems, duty personnel, and customer and business support employees," the Central Bank said.