23 Sep 2022 12:44

Employees of IT companies, telecom operators, mass media with higher education may qualify for mobilization deferrals - Russian Digital Transformation Ministry

MOSCOW. Sept 23 (Interfax) - Employees of accredited IT companies, telecom operators and media outlets with higher education, who work full time, may qualify for partial mobilization deferrals, the Russian Ministry of Digital Transformation, Communications and Mass Media said in a statement on Friday.

There will be deferrals in partial mobilization for employees of accredited IT companies involved in the development, implementation, support or operation of IT solutions (software and hardware) or providing the operation of information infrastructure. Employees of telecom operators involved in the provision of stability, security and integrity of communication facilities and systems, public communication lines, and data processing centers, as well as employees of registered media outlets, radio and television broadcasters designated as systemic, who participate in the production and distribution of information products, will also get the deferrals.

"The Digital Transformation Ministry is updating the protocol for companies to receive deferrals for their employees," the ministry said.

The deferral in partial mobilization of these specialists will allow the stable functioning of critical information infrastructure, will guarantee the stable and secure provision of digital services, will ensure the timely informing of the national population, and will stimulate the emergence of new Russian products necessary for the accelerated replacement of foreign solutions, including at defense enterprises, the ministry said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday that partial mobilization would not apply to certain categories of employees from the IT and telecom industries, mass media, and institutions providing the stability of the national payment system and the financial market infrastructure.