20 Sep 2022 17:32

YATEC studying Russian, Chinese LNG technologies for Yakutia LNG project, boosts reserves

MOSCOW. Sept 20 (Interfax) - Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company (YATEC) , which is implementing the Yakutia LNG project, is maintaining plans to transport gas from Yakutia to the Sea of Okhotsk and is studying Russian and Chinese natural gas liquefaction (LNG) technologies, company spokesperson Anastasia Kharitonova told Interfax.

"The company's development strategy for entering the offshore areas of the Sea of Okhotsk remains unchanged, we are continue to work on the design of the pipeline. The Yakutia gas project is based around transporting gas to the coast by pipeline. To implement this project the company is actively building up its resource base. Furthermore, YATEC is studying Russian and Chinese liquefaction technologies. The company will be ready to confirm them after the technological study," she said.

YATEC has boosted ABC1+C2 category gas reserves to 582 billion cubic meters (as confirmed by the State Reserves Commission) as compared to 453 billion cubic meters in July, Kharitonova said. Earlier it was reported that in Q3 the company plans to increase its geological gas reserves from the current 453 billion cubic meters to 567 billion cubic meters, that is by 25%.

"We expect the company's total reserves to reach one trillion cubic meters by 2025," she added. Currently, the company's projected resources are estimated at 611 billion cubic meters.

The total initial geological reserves of dry gas at the Srednevilyuiskoye field have increased by 35.5 billion cubic meters as compared to the reserves recorded on the state balance sheet and amount to 307.9 billion cubic meters, Kharitonova said. At the same time, category "A" reserves increased by 74.2 billion cubic meters, or 55%. "A similar picture is being seen at Mastakhskoye, Tolonskoye and other YATEC fields," she said.