19 Sep 2022 13:04

Partners of former RTS head Tyryshkin transfer 50% of Scoring Bureau to new investors

MOSCOW. Sept 19 (Interfax) - The partners of former RTS head Ivan Tyryshkin, Violetta Chaika and Dmitry Chemendraykov have transferred 50% of shares in credit history bureau Scoring Bureau (formerly CHB Equifax) to new investors.

Dmitry Kharitonov acquired 36.8% of CHB SB LLC and Sofia Salekhova acquired 13.2% on September 15, data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) showed. Tyryshkin and Ibragim Zagidulin retain 25% stakes each in the company.

The USRLE showed that Kharitonov also owns Yurmedia LLC. The company's website said it provides legal services to clients from Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and specializes in protecting the interests of small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

U.S. company Equifax exited CHB Equifax in August, handing its stake to the new investors of HCF Bank. At the end of the month the credit history bureau changed its name to Scoring Bureau.

Equifax reported earlier that it had decided to exit its Russian investment and written off its value, and that it did not expect future economic gains from the operations of the Russian bureau. Equifax took a loss of $19.5 million on this exit.

Scoring Bureau, one of Russia's top three credit history bureaus, provides risk management, analytics and fraud prevention services to banks. The bureau said its database has about 550 million credit histories. The company does not publish its financial results. Equifax reported that it earned a $14.6 million net profit on its stake in 2021.

At the end of May, the Czech Republic's Home Credit sold a 49.5% stake in Russia's HCF Bank to local investors. Tyryshkin acquired 9.91% of the bank, and Ibragim Zagidulin, Yelena Martynenko, Violetta Chaika and Dmitry Chemendryakov each acquired 9.9%. The Czech group relinquished control of HCF Bank in mid-June, reducing its stake to 49.5% by transferring 1% of Georgian citizen Avigdor Yardeni. In August, the group exited the bank completely, handing over its remaining 49.5%.

HCF Bank was Russia's 30th largest bank by assets at the end of 2021, according to the Interfax-100 ranking of the country's lenders.