6 Sep 2022 10:49

EcoEnergy to develop renewable energy in Russian Far East

BLAGOVESCHENSK. Sept 6 (Interfax) - EcoEnergy Group, the Amur Region Investment Agency and the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC) signed an agreement on development of renewable energy in the Russian Far East at the Eastern Economic Forum, the FEDC reported.

The agreement calls for EcoEnergy to set up a subsidiary in Blagoveschensk that will implement renewable energy projects in Amur Region and other parts of the Far East.

"There is a high level of insolation in our region, or simply put active sun. This is good for the implementation of renewable energy projects, specifically construction of solar farms. Soon there will be one in Amur Region. It will become a source of power for new projects in the area of logistics and help strengthen our region's leadership in generation of electricity in the Far East," Governor Vasily Orlov was quoted as saying in the press release.

The new solar farm will be able to provide power for the infrastructure of the Priamurskaya priority development area (PDA), and the company itself will become a resident of this PDA.

Another company, Hevel is currently implementing projects to build solar power plants in the Far East, including in Amur Region. In addition, EcoEnergy has already worked on building hybrid hydro-solar generation in this region, done surveys of locations that are promising for hydropower, participated in the creation of a geographic information system in the region and carried out a set of environmental protection measures related to construction of hydropower.

EcoEnergy Group, founded in 2015, works on renewable energy projects in Russia and abroad. The development and energy group's project portfolio exceeds 525 MW. The group's pilot project was the Makhachkala wind farm developed with JSC NovaWind, a division of state corporation Rosatom.