2 Sep 2022 13:27

Russia won't export oil to countries that join price cap; will send to other markets - Peskov

MOSCOW. Sept 2 (Interfax) - If a price cap on Russian oil is imposed by a number of countries, Russia will not cooperate with them on such non-market principles and will export energy resources to other markets, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"There I can briefly remind you of the statement made by [Russian] Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak yesterday. You know that it is Novak who coordinates contacts with OPEC and with OPEC+, contacts related to oil issues. And he said in no uncertain terms yesterday that countries who join this potential price cap will no longer be among the recipients of Russian oil," Peskov told reporters.

"We simply will not cooperate with them as regards oil on such non-market principles," he said.

When asked where Russia will export oil in this case, Peskov said that it will be delivered "to alternative markets, to countries which abide by market terms."

"There are many more of them than there are former [customers]," Peskov said, without naming any countries.