30 Aug 2022 14:45

International division of Ozon opens representative office in Turkey

MOSCOW. Aug 30 (Interfax) - Ozon Global, Ozon's division for international sellers and orders, has opened a representative office in Istanbul, the company said in a statement.

The office is being headed up by Hazal Maras, who worked at Turkish marketplace Hepsiburada before joining Ozon.

By opening a representative office in Turkey, Ozon expects to attract local sellers to the marketplace, as it sees a growing demand for goods of Turkish sellers, such as clothes, plumbing goods, household appliances, coffee and sweets.

Ozon reported that in H1 2022 the number of sellers from Turkey has doubled year-on-year, with turnover of goods from Turkey to Russia up threefold.

At the same time, Ozon has launched a partner delivery service to transport goods from Turkey to Russia: it will reduce delivery time almost twofold - from 6-8 days without taking into account order assembly by the seller.

Currently Ozon Global's key destinations are China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, India, Korea, Israel, Moldova and Thailand.

Turkey was the first non-CIS country where Ozon opened its own representative office.

In 2021, Ozon entered two CIS markets at once: Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In particular, in Belarus, Ozon registered legal entities Ozon Rocket Bel LLC and Ozon Market Bel LLC to develop logistics infrastructure in the country.

In Kazakhstan, the company launched a local representative office and is developing its own courier service and a network of order-delivery points there.