29 Aug 2022 13:02

Kremlin defines Arctic as sphere of its critical interests

MOSCOW. Aug 29 (Interfax) - Moscow feels negatively about the remarks by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg regarding the threat coming from Russia and China in the Arctic region, and will continue to develop this strategic area, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Journalists asked Peskov to comment on Stoltenberg's words that the intensified activity of Russia and China in the Arctic region posed a threat to the North Atlantic Alliance. "We feel negatively [about Stoltenberg's remark]. The Arctic is a zone of our economic operations, a zone of the provision of our security and, therefore a sphere of our critical interests," Peskov said at a press briefing on Monday.

"The interaction with other countries, especially China, has the sole purpose of further development of this Arctic zone and cannot pose a threat to any other country or union," he said.

Such statements demonstrate the ongoing Western policy of opposition to Russia and its interests in the Arctic, Peskov said.

"Russia will be ensuring its interests in a solid, necessary manner," he said.