25 Aug 2022 13:20

Chernobyl NPP resumes radioactive waste disposal and recycling

MOSCOW. Aug 25 (Interfax) - The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) transferred a batch of radioactive waste for disposal on August 21, Ukrainian media said, citing the enterprise's website.

"We checked the functional condition of all the equipment used in the technological process of forming a waste package, as well as preparing for and sending the waste packages for disposal," Illia Shumkov, deputy head of Chernobyl NPP's radioactive waste processing department, said.

Before resuming the full operations of radioactive waste processing infrastructure, a number of measures were taken to verify the safe and correct operation of the equipment and systems involved in the radioactive waste recycling process, Shumkov said.

Furthermore, in order to restore practical skills, all Chernobyl NPP personnel involved in waste recycling completed a training course, he said.