24 Aug 2022 20:50

TEFI award ceremony fails to take place in 2022 - Russian presidential envoy

MOSCOW. Aug 24 (Interfax) - The TEFI national television award ceremony will not take place this year, said Mikhail Shvydkoi, the Russian president's special envoy for international cultural cooperation.

"TEFI will not take place this year. TEFI-Region (the all-Russian TV contest) will take place, it will be held in St. Petersburg in late November. It will have three stages," Shvydkoi told reporters on Wednesday.

Shvydkoi said in May 2022 the TEFI national television award ceremony, which was expected to be held in May-June 2022, had been postponed until the end of the special military operation in Ukraine.

"I think we will not be holding the TEFI ceremony in the near future, it seems to me it is highly unreasonable. Because the TEFI award ceremony is always a celebration, an atmosphere of such high joy, I think such a celebration is inappropriate today," Shvydkoi said.

TEFI is a Russian national TV award for high achievements in the sphere of TV arts founded by the Russian Academy of Television foundation on October 21, 1994.