22 Aug 2022 15:45

Scheduled repairs at BelNPP completed - Belarus energy ministry

MINSK. Aug 22 (Interfax) - The scheduled preventative maintenance of the No. 1 power unit at the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant (BelNPP) has been completed, and the power unit will soon be reconnected to the power grid, the Belarusian Energy Ministry's press service said in a statement.

"The reactor plant's main equipment, the turbo-generator, and the main circulation pumps have been repaired as part of the planned operations conducted at the power unit. The first reloading of spent nuclear fuel has been completed in accordance with the regulations, with 48 of the 163 fuel assemblies with nuclear fuel being replaced," according to the statement.

Diagnostics of around 3,000 technological systems and production units have also been conducted.

"At this time, regulatory pre-launch operations are underway at the power unit, to be followed by ramping up the power at the reactor plant and reconnecting the power unit to the grid," according to the statement.