16 Aug 2022 14:07

Planes serviced safely in Russia, use of parts from other planes is global practice - Deputy PM Manturov

KUBINKA. Aug 16 (Interfax) - Planes of Russian airlines are being serviced in a safe manner, while the use of component parts from other planes is a global practice aimed to ensure rhythmic repairs of aircraft, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said.

"Clearly, no one expected external bans on the use of imported products, which they were offering us so insistently, not to say 'pushing' on us over the past 30 years. Our airlines have become accustomed to [using] foreign aircraft, such as Boeing and Airbus, the operation of which was banned in a snap at someone's decision. Of course, we have found a way and a possibility and, as you can see, are continuing their operation. We can see that citizens of the Russian Federation are taking flights on these aircraft: they are safe, they receive maintenance, and they are serviced," Manturov said at the Army 2022 international military-technical forum.

"What you have said about the replacement [of component parts] is not something invented by Russian airlines operating these planes. It is a global practice aimed to ensure the rhythmic maintenance and operation of planes: before a component part arrives, a part from another aircraft could be used - I would not want to use the word cannibalism - to promptly perform a flight, and this kind of practice has always been applied," Manturov said.

"Of course, we think that the operation of Western aircraft should continue as long as they are airworthy, and no one will ever assume the responsibility for using unsafe aircraft. Now everything is normal, spare parts are supplied, and maintenance and servicing are fully provided, including by our Russian operators who have respective licenses from our aviation authorities," he said.