15 Aug 2022 13:40

Apple demands that Rutube remove content of Russian state-run media outlets from its application in App Store

MOSCOW. Aug 15 (Interfax) - Apple has demanded that Rutube remove the content of Russian state-run media outlets from its iOS application within two weeks, yet the video hosting service is not planning to do so, the Rutube press service told Interfax.

"Apple has proposed two solutions for moderation of the Rutube application: the application could be made accessible to Russian users only or the content provided by 'state-sponsored media' could be removed. That will make the Rutube application inaccessible to new users abroad. Users who have already downloaded the application may have access to updates," the press service said.

Apple said that the problem must be solved in two weeks or else the application would be removed from the App Store, it said.

"Rutube is not planning to restrict the distribution of Russian media outlets, because that would breach the rights of the Russian-speaking population," the press service said.

Meanwhile, the Rutube team has already limited access to the Rutube application in the App Store for users outside Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. "The developers had to take the step in order to provide the users with the new functionalities they are awaiting," the press service said.

At the moment, the Rutube application is available in 171 counties. The video hosting service features Russian media outlets and bloggers blocked on YouTube. These include Channel One, Rossiya-1 (VGTRK), NTV, Rossiya-24 (VGTRK), TNT, RT, SPAS, and others.