12 Aug 2022 15:02

Export duty on Russian wheat to fall to 5,018 rubles from 5,219 rubles per tonne on Aug 17

MOSCOW. Aug 12 (Interfax) - The export duty on Russian wheat will fall to 5,018.1 rubles per tonne on August 17 from 5,219.6 rubles per tonne at present, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement.

The duty on barley will fall to 3,034 rubles from 3,504.9 rubles per tonne, and the duty on corn to 3,705.8 rubles from 3,802.8 rubles per tonne.

The new duties will be in effect through August 23.

The duties are based on indicative prices of $367.3 per tonne for wheat compared to $364.9 the previous week, $301.7 for barely versus $310.6 per tonne, and $317.6 for corn, unchanged.

The duties have been calculated in rubles since July 6, rather than in dollars.