11 Aug 2022 18:04

Severstal gets investor consent for early redemption of 2022 Eurobonds in Aug

MOSCOW. Aug 11 (Interfax) - Severstal has received investors' consent for early redemption of its dollar-denominated Eurobond issue in August, the company said.

The company said today that it received confirmation from the tabulation agent indicating the consent of Eurobond holders, representing in the aggregate more than two thirds of the principal amount of the outstanding bonds at the corresponding time, the statement said.

The date of early redemption of Eurobonds at par together with interest accrued to that date and not paid as of such date, including the coupon for April, is August 29. According to the announcement, holders of Eurobonds as of July 27 via NSD or other Russian depositories, will receive payments in rubles via the corresponding Russian depositories.