9 Aug 2022 14:22

Russia ready to deal with possible exacerbation of Kaliningrad transit problem - Foreign Ministry official

KALININGRAD. Aug 9 (Interfax) - Russia has elaborated a response to the possible exacerbation of the Kaliningrad transit problem, Russian Foreign Ministry Ambassador at Large Alexei Isakov said at a Valdai Club discussion.

"Countermeasures have been considered in the interdepartmental format and a decision to use those measures will be made if necessary," Isakov said.

Lithuania has been artificially exacerbating the problem of payment for transit services by offering Russia to find a way to pay, he said.

"We again undermine the complete unacceptability of restrictions on Kaliningrad cargo transit created under far-fetched pretexts by either banks or the logistical chains of companies. [...] We will continue to insist on resolving the situation via our contacts with Vilnius and Brussels," Isakov said.

"For now, we have been avoiding the worst-case scenario with regard to Kaliningrad cargo transit. Certain solutions have been found through contacts with the EU and Lithuania thanks to our active diplomatic efforts, and they are on the right track," he said.

"At the same time, the solutions for cargo transportation by rail are only temporary, and the situation remains far from normal," Isakov said.

Back on June 17, Lithuania restricted the transit of sanctioned goods by rail and truck.

Lithuania lifted restrictions on rail transit with certain reservations on July 22, yet the transit of sanctioned goods by truck remained forbidden.