9 Aug 2022 14:08

Yandex closes delivery services in Paris, London, to sell technologies

MOSCOW. Aug 9 (Interfax) - Yandex has changed its operating model in France and the UK, opening the new Yango Deli Tech line of business, which focuses on selling delivery management technology, the company's press service told Interfax.

Earlier on Tuesday, Forbes, citing sources, reported that Yandex had shut down its express food delivery services in Paris and London. According to the publication's sources, the French unit will be eliminated in two to three months at most. The London grocery delivery business is also closing, as Yandex could not find a buyer for it, the publication's source said.

The company's press service said it had changed its business model in these countries.

"In some markets, including France and the UK, we have changed the model and now offer b2b solutions for third-party companies operating in the Q-commerce [fast delivery services], e-commerce and traditional retail segments. For this purpose we have created a separate line of international business - Yango Deli Tech, which is focused on selling technologies," Yandex told Interfax.

Yandex offers potential partners set-up and optimization of all processes - from the warehouse management system, assembler application, "last mile" routing and real-time BI dashboards to ML auto-order systems and warehousing robots. Yandex says that there is already interest in its technology among companies in the CIS and Middle East regions, and the company plans to actively expand. The company also recalled that it continues to develop a network of its own darkstores in Israel and Russia.

Yandex began working on a project to sell technology last year, all the while refining the product for third-party companies to be able to launch mass sales in Russia and abroad, the company said.

In March, Bloomberg, citing sources, reported on Yandex's plans to leave the French and British delivery markets. Then the company confirmed that it was gradually suspending its activities in Paris in order to concentrate efforts on other, more promising markets. Regarding the business in London, the company said that it sees serious interest in its service from investors and competitors and is considering various options for further development.

Yandex.Lavka registered a legal entity in France in April 2021; the project was launched in August. In Great Britain the service started operating in October 2021. Israel (Tel Aviv) became the first foreign country where Yandex.Lavka began operations in November 2020.