9 Aug 2022 12:06

Over 75,000 Ukrainians remain in Moldova - Border Police

CHISINAU. Aug 9 (Interfax) - Over 75,000 Ukrainian refugees, half of them children, are in Moldova at present, the Moldovan Border Police said on Telegram on Tuesday.

"Since the start of the fighting in Ukraine, 514,644 Ukrainian citizens have crossed Moldova's state border, and 413,395 of those have left the republic. Among the Ukrainian refugees who have left Moldovan territory, 292,082 have traveled to Romania and [other] EU countries, and 121,313 citizens returned to Ukraine," it said.

In addition, 47,729 citizens of other countries have also arrived in Moldova from Ukraine, and 36,466 of them have left the country, including 32,949 via the border with Romania, and 3,517 have returned to Ukraine.

"At the present time, 75,119 Ukrainians still remain in Moldova, and the overall number of foreign citizens who have arrived from Ukraine (taking into account citizens of other countries) is 79,189. More than half of them, 42,299, are minors," the Border Police said.

From February 24 to August 7, as many as 8,562 asylum applications were submitted to the Moldovan Interior Ministry's Bureau for Migration and Asylum.