4 Aug 2022 14:24

Gazprom wants to receive turbine after repairs in Canada, but it needs document certifying it is not under sanctions - Peskov

MOSCOW. Aug 4 (Interfax) - Gazprom is interested in receiving the turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline after its repairs in Canada, but it should secure itself against possible sanction risks, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said, commenting on Gazprom's statement that Canada's, the European Union's, and the United Kingdom's sanctions make the turbine's delivery to Russia impossible.

Asked whether this means that Gazprom is refusing to receive the turbine, Peskov replied, "No, Gazprom would like to receive this turbine very much. However, it was not Gazprom that imposed the sanctions, after all. They were imposed on Gazprom."

Gazprom is seeking "to receive legal documents saying that it [the turbine] is not under sanctions," Peskov said.

"Mere words are absolutely not enough in this case," he said.

"This corresponds with what was said yesterday: the EU may say something, but there is the United Kingdom; after all, the turbines undergo servicing and maintenance on a regular basis by the British subsidiary of the Siemens company, in line with British law and in British jurisdiction," he said.

"Amid the sanctions imposed on Gazprom and on our country, Gazprom should secure itself, it should secure its property, as this turbine is Gazprom's property," Peskov said.