4 Aug 2022 10:49

Vkusvill opens over 200 micro markets in 2022, expands beyond Moscow region

MOSCOW. Aug 4 (Interfax) - Russian retailer Vkusvill has opened more than 200 micro markets this year, expanding the change to 530, the company said.

About 90% of the outlets are located in office buildings and coworking spaces.

Vkusvill micro markets are a personalized service consisting of several refrigerators, shelving and a self-service checkout. Their assortment consists of prepared foods, dairy products, snacks, desserts and beverages.

The company has been developing this chain in Moscow and Moscow Region since 2018, and this year opened its first 40 micro markets in St. Petersburg.

Despite the pandemic lockdowns, when offices stood empty, the project continued to be scaled, the company said. The number of micro markets doubled in 2021, as did their sales.

Micro markets' advantage over cafeterias and cafes is that they allow customers to quickly purchase food without leaving the office, Vkusvill's head of micro market development, Dmitry Ryzhkov said.

"About 40% of our micro markets opened in 2022. Office workers' demand for food is growing. We see expansion of cooperation with business centers, acquisition of new partners from the state sector and a flexible approach to choosing locations as promising avenues for development," Ryzhkov said.