4 Aug 2022 09:26

Tinkoff buys minority stake in online store search service AnyQuery

MOSCOW. Aug 4 (Interfax) - Tinkoff Group has acquired a 33% stake in online store search service AnyQuery (formerly Diginetica), Tinkoff Bank (SPB: TCS ) said on its website.

The service's founders Dmitry Malashkin and Artyom Kruglov will continue to develop the company.

The SPARK-Interfax system showed that Tinkoff Group acquired a one-third stake in D Technology, the company developing AnyQuery, on August 2. Malshkin and Kruglov now own 33% and 34% of the company, respectively.

AnyQuery develops and implements products for online retailers to increase purchase conversion rates. The company's solutions are built on machine learning technology and solve the problem of website navigation through search and personalization of the user experience. More than 30% of the largest e-commerce companies in Russia use the service, the group said.

The partnership with AnyQuery is an important step in building services at the crossroads of B2B SaaS and fintech, Tinkoff said. In this area, Tinkoff offers major market players solutions to improve users' online shopping experience, increase site traffic, boost purchase conversion and maximize profits, such as the Dolyame BNPL (buy now, pay later) service, Tinkoff Kassa and the products of the Tinkoff eCommerce platform, the group said.

"This is not Tinkoff's first deal recently with startups that are complimentary to the ecosystem. We are open to working with bright startups and talented entrepreneurs to whom we can offer a large base and the experience of one of the best fintech [companies] in the world. [...] Our ecosystem will be supplemented with new, extensive solutions for large online stores based on the latest technologies and Tinkoff's many years of experience developing online services," Tinkoff Business director Fyodor Bukharov said, commenting on the deal.

D Technology closed 2021 with a net profit of 7.4 million rubles on revenue of 129.7 million rubles.