2 Aug 2022 10:04

Deficit of Ukrainian budget's general fund falls to 4.8 bln hryvni in July - Finance Ministry

MOSCOW. Aug 2 (Interfax) - The state budget of Ukraine was executed with a deficit 412 billion hryvni in January-July 2022, including the general fund's deficit of 411.3 billion hryvni, against the deficit projections for this period at 743.4 billion hryvni, according to the preliminary results presented by the Ukrainian Finance Ministry on Monday.

The deficit of the general fund of the state budget dropped to 4.8 billion hryvni in July from 134.9 billion hryvni in June, 113.4 billion hryvni in May, 89.7 billion hryvni in April, and 80.6 billion hryvni in March, whereas in February and January of this year it posted a surplus of 1.1 billion hryvni and 12 billion hryvni, respectively, the Ukrainian media quoted the Finance Ministry as saying.

The deficit was expected to total 100.8 billion hryvni in July, the ministry said.

The plunge in the deficit was caused by a sharp growth of grant foreign assistance, which, unlike, loans, is identified as budget revenue rather than financing of the budget deficit.

Whereas grants provided by the European Union, the United States, other countries, and international organizations in June stood at 38.12 billion hryvni, as compared to 15.9 billion hryvni in May, this figure soared to 80.4 billion hryvni in July, the Finance Ministry said.

Thus, revenue of the budget's general fund reached 169.6 billion hryvni in July, whereas cash disbursement totaled 174.5 billion hryvni.