26 Jul 2022 16:00

Evraz's Alardinskaya mine launches longwall with 3.4 mln tonnes of coking coal

KEMEROVO. July 26 (Interfax) - The Alardinskaya mine has begun mining a new longwall with coal reserves of more than 3 million tonnes, the press service of the Raspadskaya Coal Company, RUK, which manages Evraz's coal assets, said in a statement.

"The new longwall in the mine is located along the 3-3a layer. This is the first of three longwall sections planned for mining in the area," according to the press release.

The length of the new longwall is 270 meters. The reserves of the excavation area are greater than in the previous longwall, totaling 3.35 million tonnes of KS grade coal.

According to RUK, a new conveyor belt has been installed in order to transport coal.

PJSC Raspadskaya unites the enterprises of a single complex for the extraction of coking coal, including the country's largest mine, Raspadskaya; the Raspadsky open pit mine; the Raspadskaya-Koksovaya mine; as well as Mezhegeyugol; and the Alardinskaya, Osinnikovskaya, Uskovskaya, Yerunakovskaya, and Yesaulskaya mines, respectively. Raspadskaya's proven and probable coal reserves according to JORC were estimated at 1.8 billion tonnes at the end of 2021.