25 Jul 2022 13:21

After reinstallation of repaired Nord Stream turbine, gas to be supplied in 'technologically-feasible' amount - Peskov

MOSCOW. July 25 (Interfax) - Now that Siemens has handed over to Gazprom a Canadian export license for the repaired Nord Stream gas pipeline turbine, it will be reinstalled, and gas will begin to be pumped via the pipeline in a "technologically-feasible" amount, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

"The turbine will be installed. We know that we also have malfunctions of other units, of which Siemens is also well aware. But certainly, the turbine will be installed after the completion of all formalities and technological processes, and gas will start being pumped in a technologically-allowable amount," Peskov said, when asked by journalists on Monday whether the license's transfer to Gazprom means that it can reinstall the turbine and increase the amount of gas being exported via Nord Stream.