14 Jul 2022 16:26

Ukrainian exports in tonnes down 44.5% in H1, imports down 58.3% - customs service

MOSCOW. July 14 (Interfax) - The Ukrainian State Customs Service allowed 56.9 million tonnes of goods not including pipeline transport pass through Ukraine's customs border for export in the first half of 2022, down 44.5% from H1 2021 when 101.1 million tonnes of goods passed through the border.

According to Ukrainian media, who cite the customs service, imports into Ukraine fell even more, dropping 58.3% to 17.8 million tonnes from 42.7 million tonnes.

Transport through pipelines fell by almost a third year-on-year, with 19.9 million tonnes transported in H1 2022 compared to 29.5 million tonnes in H1 2022.

The main reason for the drop in tonnage is the blockade of seaports. The State Customs Service passed 2,700 seafaring ships through in January-June, down 64.3% from 7,600.

According to the service, the number of train cars passed through the Ukrainian customs border in H1 2022 fell 32% year-on-year to 800,300.

The number of river craft rose 54.4% to 10,500 from 6,800, and road transport went up 9.8% to 3.653 million vehicles.

The number of vehicles registered for import in the first half of the year totaled 2.2 million, while those for export totaled 2.3 million, almost the same as last year's numbers of 2.3 million.

Trade flow in monetary terms fell 21% in H1 to $48.03 billion, with exports dropping 24% to $22.73 billion and imports 19% to $25.3 billion, according to the customs service.

Trade flow with the European Union grew 1% to $25.06 billion, with exports rising 13% to $13.41 billion, while imports fell 10% to $11.65 billion.