13 Jul 2022 09:36

Russian, U.S. scientists awarded Global Energy Prize

CHELYABINSK. July 13 (Interfax) - Scientists from Russia and the United States have been named laureates of the international Global Energy Prize, Khanty Mansi Autonomous District Governor Natalya Komarova said on her Telegram channel.

The awards ceremony was held in Khanty Mansiysk on Tuesday.

"I was pleased to announce the winner in the category of New Energy Applications. It was U.S. scientist Kaushik Rajashekara for outstanding contributions to transportation electrification and energy efficiency technologies while reducing power generation emissions. Prizes were also awarded to Viktor Orlov from Russia (Conventional Energy) and Mercouri Kanatzidis from the U.S. (Nonconventional Energy)," Komarova said.

The Global Energy Association said on its website that Orlov, the chief specialist at Rosatom's Innovative Technologies Center, received the price for fundamental research on development of innovative energy technologies based on fast-neutron reactors with a heavy alloy coolant and a closed fuel cycle.

Kanatzidis, a chemistry professor at Northwestern University, received the award for major advances made in solar energy conversion with the use of novel halide perovskites.

The shortlist for this year's prizes included the projects of scientists from nine countries, including India, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Russia, Singapore, the United States, Uruguay and France. The list was announced on May 24 at the strategic session on trends, challenges and forecasts for Russia's oil and gas sector in Ufa during the 30th international Gas.Oil.Technologies exhibition and forum.

There were a total of 119 nominees from 43 countries this year, up from 36 in 2021. The prize is awarded for outstanding scientific research and scientific-technical developments in the field of energy that promote greater efficiency and environmental security for energy sources on Earth.