11 Jul 2022 17:21

Antey group begins shipping crabs from Murmansk to Far East via NSR

VLADIVOSTOK. July 11 (Interfax) - The Antey group of companies has begun shipping crabs to the Far East along the Northern Sea Route (NSR), according to the group's Telegram channel.

Antey has shipped around 670 tonnes of fresh-frozen crabs from Murmansk on the Sevmorput nuclear-powered lighter carrier with the support of Atomflot and Dalreftrans.

"This is the first time that this route has been used for shipping crabs from the North to the Far East. Antey was forced to create new logistics chains owing to the sanctions. Today, it is more profitable to deliver cargo to Asian countries via the Arctic routes than the Southern route," according to the message.

Antey is planning a second shipment via the NSR in a few months, with the message indicating that there are plans to supply live crabs rather than fresh-frozen ones.

Antey is one of Russia's largest companies in the Far East for catching and processing crabs and fish, with a fleet of 17 vessels that trawl the seas of Okhotsk, Bering, and Japan, as well as the Ross and Amundsen seas.