5 Jul 2022 20:36

Russian Health Ministry registers Salnavac nasal Covid-19 vaccine

MOSCOW. July 5 (Interfax) - The Russian Health Ministry has authorized the Salnavac nasal two-component coronavirus vaccine developed by the Generium company, according to the state medicines register.

The Generium pharmaceutical company applied to the Russian Health Ministry to register its nasal coronavirus vaccine, called Salnavac, in April, according to data from the register.

Salnavac is a combined vector vaccine in the form of a nasal spray aimed at the prevention of the coronavirus infection, it said. The vaccine comprises two components; both of them include a recombinant adenoviral vector based on a human adenovirus.

The vaccine is administered intranasally with an interval of three weeks, in a "prime-boost" mode.

According to Generium, the vaccine activates systemic humoral and cellular immunity and forms mucosal immune protection from coronavirus on the surface of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, as confirmed by clinical trials.

On April 1, the Russian Health Ministry approved the nasal vaccine against Covid-19 developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. Like the Gamaleya Center's Sputnik V vaccine, it contains of two components based on adenoviral vectors and is administered using a special spray nozzle into the nose with a three-week interval, in a "prime-boost" mode.