1 Jul 2022 14:56

Ukrtransgaz starts to prepare for certification before EU's use of Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities

MOSCOW. July 1 (Interfax) - JSC Ukrtransgaz that operates Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities has started to prepare for certification before these facilities could be used by EU countries, Ukrainian media outlets quoted the company press service as saying on Friday.

"Ukrtransgaz has begun preparations for an independent EU certification of gas storage operators. The company is confident of its successful accomplishment," the press service said.

As an Energy Community member, Ukraine is ready to offer EU countries to store up to 10 bcm of gas in its facilities. "We already have such experience of positive and comprehensive cooperation with foreign clients. They have had a chance to make sure of the reliability of gas storage in Ukraine, and they continue to store it in our underground facilities today," the press service said.

For its part, the Storage System Operator of Ukraine underlined in the course of a joint presentation with Ukrtransgaz at a meeting of the South-East European Gas (SEEGAS) Initiative that the gas transmission system and underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine could serve as a cornerstone for strengthening the European and regional energy security by next winter.

According to Olha Belkova, public and international affairs director at the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine, further strengthening of energy security in Central and Eastern Europe requires that Ukraine and its partners in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova step up cooperation with Lithuania, Turkey, Greece and trans-Atlantic partners.

Ukrainian traders are interested in having access to LNG facilities in Europe, Belkova said. The transportation of gas from the Lithuanian and Polish LNG terminals to Ukraine would require a long-term enlargement of guaranteed capacities. There is a keen interest in the potential gas supply from Greece and Turkey through the Trans-Balkan pipeline, she said.

"It is of paramount importance for this route that Bulgarian and Turkish operators sign an interconnection agreement. It is also necessary to ensure the possibility of natural gas transportation from the south to the north at the points of interconnection between Turkey and Bulgaria, Bulgaria and Romania, Ukraine and Romania, and Moldova and Ukraine," Belkova said.

In her words, the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine will enlarge the capacity for the Hrebenyky gas metering station on the junction with Moldova to 6.12 mcm per day on August 1 and 20 mcm per day by the end of August.

As reported earlier, new regulations on gas storage by EU countries envisage the filling of gas storage facilities 80% this year and 90% next year.

Twelve underground gas storage facilities of Ukrtransgaz, which is 100% owned by Naftogaz of Ukraine, have a total capacity of 31 bcm of gas. These are the Bilche-Volytsko-Uherske underground gas storage facility (UGS) (17.05 bcm), the Uherske UGS (1.9 bcm), the Dashavske UGS (2.15 bcm), the Oparske UGS (1.92 bcm), the Bohorodchanske UGS (2.3 bcm), the Krasnopartizanske UGS (1.5 bcm), the Solokhovske UGS (1.3 bcm), the Olyshevske UGS (0.31 bcm), the Proletarske UGS (1 bcm), the Kegychevske UGS (0.7 bcm), the Krasnopopovske UGS (0.42 bcm), and the Verhunske UGS (0.4 bcm).