1 Jul 2022 10:22

CPC starts loading oil from two of three single-point moorings, composition depends on conditions for sweep for explosive

MOSCOW. July 1 (Interfax) - The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) has resumed loading oil from two of three single-point moorings (SPM) after SPM-1 and SPM-2 were shut down to search the waters of CPC's marine terminal for explosive devices, the consortium said.

CPC's three SPMs are now in working condition and ready for normal operations, it said. Operations and offloading of oil are conducted based on the actual weather from two of the three SPMs in a composition (SPM-3 and SPM-2/SPM-3 and SPM-1) that depends on the conditions for ongoing sweeps of the seabed by the Emergency Situations Ministry's diving team was part of mandatory measures to find and eliminate explosive devices, the CPC said.