30 Jun 2022 13:56

Zelensky enforces NSDC resolution on oligarchs' register

MOSCOW. June 30 (Interfax) - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has enforced the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) resolution dated June 29 "On the Approval of Regulations on the Register of Individuals with a Substantial Economic and Political Weight in Public Life (Oligarchs) and the Procedure of its Formation and Keeping."

According to the Ukrainian media, Presidential Executive Order459/2022 dated June 29 was published on the presidential website and took effect on the publishing date. The NSDC secretary is tasked with overseeing the fulfillment of the order.

According to the Regulations, the register will operate as an information and communication system that may be a part of another system or use another system's resources. The register software will be owned by the government represented by the NSDC office. The NSDC office will assign its divisions to form and keep the register. They will be vested with power of the register keeper and administrator.

The online register will be kept in the official language. It will not contain information that constitutes state secret or any service information, however, the information about oligarchs available in the register cannot be defined as confidential, the Regulations said.

The information about oligarchs will be entered by presentation authors through the online account and will include, in particular, details of their passports, registered addresses, the list of legal entities in which the oligarchs act as the beneficiaries, the list of individuals to whose campaign funds the oligarchs make contributions, and grounds for designating an individual as an oligarch.

Besides the administrators, the register could be accessed and used by presentation authors, declarants, registrars, employees of the register keeper and administrator, as well as the NSDC chairman, secretary and members, and designated employees of other government bodies.

The public interface of the register provides a gratis public access to the available information by publishing the list of oligarchs included in and excluded from the register and a form for search for such individuals and declarants, which allows for a review of the information about oligarchs in the register and information from declarations of their contacts.