29 Jun 2022 17:35

Over 5.5 mln internally displaced persons return home in Ukraine - International Organization for Migration

MOSCOW. June 29 (Interfax) - Over 5.5 million internally displaced persons (IDP) have returned home in Ukraine, although the overall number of IDPs in the country remains as high as 6.2 million, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has said in its latest report.

"About half of those who had left their homes [...] since 24 February have now returned, especially to the North of the country and to the capital Kyiv," the IOM said.

"The number of returns has grown significantly - by 24% - over the last month. Most returnees have returned to their homes from other locations within Ukraine and about three-quarters of those people plan to stay. Only 10% of people are returning to Ukraine from abroad. Considering the situation in Ukraine remains highly volatile, [...] returns may not be long-term," Ukrainian media said with reference to the IOM report.

The 6th round of the general population survey conducted by the IOM between June 17 and 23 found that the most pressing needs of both displaced and non-displaced persons include access to health services and education, as well as rehabilitation of damaged homes, it said.

"Alarmingly, the IOM survey revealed that almost one in four people (23%) in Ukraine had to stop using their medication during the war, because it was either unavailable or too expensive," it said.

Children in displaced households had particularly pressing problems with access to education, it said.

"As many as 38% of families with children aged 5-17 among displaced people and 25% among non-displaced stated that their children did not have full access to education. The situation is most critical in the East of the country, where 16% of displaced households with children of school age indicated they had no access to education at all," the IOM said.

Almost 10% of all respondents, and 15% of returnees, said their homes were damaged by war, which has increased the demand for shelter repair materials and assistance, especially among returnees, it said.