29 Jun 2022 14:58

CPC to restart another single point mooring on July 1

MOSCOW. June 29 (Interfax) - Caspian Pipeline Consortium will restart single point mooring-2, halted while munitions were being cleared, on July 1.

"Currently, the survey of the seabed in the area of SPM-1 continues, the operation of SPM-1 is suspended until July 5, 2022," the CPC said in a statement.

"SPM-3 is in routine operation, which allows meeting shippers' requests as per the current lifting schedule. SPM-2 is going to resume operation on the July 1, 2022," it said.

CPC said earlier this week that a WWII-era deep-sea mine had been found in the SPM-2 safety zone.

Igor Vasilyev, head of the city's Civil Defense Department, told Interfax that the mine had been destroyed in a controlled explosion and that the state of emergency would be lifted once the waters had been checked. Sappers from the Emergency Situations Ministry started work at 6:00 am on June 29. He said WWII munitions were not a rarity in the region.