24 Jun 2022 09:19

CDU TEK stops disclosing data on gas, coal, oil refining, drilling

MOSCOW. June 24 (Interfax) - The Central Dispatching Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU TEK), a branch of the Energy Ministry's Russian Energy Agency (REA), will stop publishing a number of monthly reports indefinitely as of June 24.

CDU TEK has notified Interfax of this. The REA's press service is not commenting on the situation at this time.

CDU TEK said it will stop providing the following information products: the latest data on natural and petroleum gas production in Russia by company; gas consumption in sectors of industry by Russian region; the dynamics of planned and actual production and exploration drilling; primary crude refining and production of main oil products at oil refineries and gas processing plants; producer prices for oil products; production of coal for coking by region and coal rank; concentrate production by region, including coal for coking; deliveries of Russian coal by producers to coking and metallurgical plants; and deliveries of Russian coal to countries within and outside the former Soviet Union (FSU).

This is the second batch of statistical data to be closed to the public. In early April, CDU TEK stopped disclosing statistics on the dynamics of crude oil production monthly with a running total by company; information on crude production by producer; shipments of crude to the domestic market; crude exports to countries outside the FSU; crude exports to countries within and outside the FSU bypassing the Transneft pipeline system; and shipments of automobile gasoline from Russian oil refineries and gas processing plants to the domestic market and for export for the month.

The REA said at the time that it stopped disclosing statistics because the data could be used to put pressure on companies and the market as a whole. "Industry statistical data are fairly sensitive to manipulation amid restrictions, which jeopardizes the activities of CDU TEK counterparties," an REA spokesman said at the time.

CDU TEK decided to close additional sets of statistical data amid discussion of new restrictions against Russia, the REA said on June 24.

"In conditions of the new restrictions in relation to Russia discussed by unfriendly countries, CDU TEK as a branch of the REA of the Russian Energy Ministry has made the decision to expand the list of information not subject to disclosure. As the REA noted earlier, sectoral statistical data in conditions of restrictions are fairly sensitive to manipulation, which threatens the activities of CDU TEK partners," it said.