23 Jun 2022 18:02

Sanctions against Russia complicating energy projects in Uzbekistan - Uzbek Energy Ministry

TASHKENT. June 23 (Interfax) - The sanctions that have been imposed on Russia are complicating delivery of the combined cycle gas turbines needed to implement Uzbekistan's investment projects in the sphere of energy, Deputy Director of the Project Office of the Uzbek Energy Ministry Bahrom Umarbekov told journalists.

"Yes, sanctions have caused problems, because combined cycle gas turbines are oversized. They weigh 600 tonnes, and they're more than 5.5 meters in size. It's very difficult to deliver such units to Uzbekistan. The prospective route ran through the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov and on through domestic Russian channels, and there were plans for transport on vessels to the Caspian Sea to the Kazakh port of Aktau and then to deliver them to Uzbekistan. That's not very difficult. But the Sea of Azov is blocked. [...] As a result, we have to take the turbines a roundabout way, through all of Western Europe, enter the Baltic Sea, and then head down from the north to the east through St. Petersburg. It's a big detour," Umarbekov said on the sidelines of the Uzbekistan Energy Forum.

The sanctions against Russia also significantly complicate the implementation of this alternative plan. Problems have arisen with marine insurance, and the price of transport has soared.

"Yes, this will lead to delays in delivery and higher costs. [...] The international community has inadvertently created problems with these sanctions. I hope that these sanctions will be adjusted so that Uzbekistan can easily transport similar types of goods," Umarbekov said.