23 Jun 2022 15:24

Over half of interviewed AmCham Ukraine companies fully operational, continue to pay salaries - survey

MOSCOW. June 23 (Interfax) - More than half of the recently interviewed 127 member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce Ukraine (AmCham, ACC) are fully operational and are paying salaries to their employees, according to the findings to an AmCham Ukraine survey conducted among companies' directors and top managers between June 9-21.

"The business community continues to operate in Ukraine. Sixty percent of AmCham Ukraine member companies are fully operational, 34% continue to work partially," the Ukrainian media quoted AmCham as saying in a press release.

Among the companies that continue to operate, 70% provide services, 46% import goods, 36% have enough clients/orders, 25% produce goods, 14% export goods, 5% of companies put operations on hold, and 1% had to shut down totally, it said.

Fifty-seven percent of companies pay full salaries and provide extra support, 25% pay full salaries, 16% partially reduced salaries, and 2% could not pay salaries at all, according to the survey results.

Twenty-five percent of respondents indicate that their company's facilities and offices have been damaged, 65% of them have minor damage, 35% have unrepairable damage, 65% have no damage.

"The most difficult question of the survey was about the safety and security of employees. Seventy percent of respondents said that all of their companies' employees are safe," the press release said.

Thirty-four percent of respondents evaluate the business activity of their organization as 50%-70% of the pre-crisis level, 8% had to completely or almost completely stop the business activity, and 2% of respondents indicate that the business activity of their organization is higher now than before February 24, the survey results show.

"Companies were also asked about their plans for doing business in Ukraine in Q3-Q4 2022. Ninety-five percent of AmCham members plan to continue operations, 94% will continue with martial law specifics adaptations, 34% plan to implement cost-cutting efforts, 23% plan to launch new services/directions, 22% are going to search for new clients outside Ukraine, and 4% plan to reduce operations in Ukraine," AmCham said.

As for the forecast for 2023, the majority of businesses (70%) plan to continue operations in Ukraine. At the same time, 22% plan to review and extend operations, 2% plan to review and reduce operations, and 1% will stop operations, the survey results indicate.