23 Jun 2022 14:00

UK bans exports of pound banknotes, banknotes of EU members, in addition to ban on jet fuel exports to Russia

LONDON. June 23 (Interfax) - The UK has banned the exports of British pounds and the banknotes of EU members, as well as jet fuel to Russia, the British government said in a statement on Thursday.

The exports of jet fuels and fuel additives to Russia and for use by Russia will now be banned, the statement said.

There is also a ban on exports to or use in Russia of pound banknotes and banknotes of EU members, as well as on the provision or supply of such banknotes to parties associated with Russia and on their use in Russia.

Restrictive measures against Russia have been extended into technical assistance, financial services, and iron and steel brokerage, the statement said. There will be additional restrictions on the exports of goods and technologies associated with oil refinery and major sectoral goods. Restrictions will apply to commodities that may be used in the production of chemical and biological weapons.