21 Jun 2022 15:51

Magnit launches testing of subscription service for customers

MOSCOW. June 21 (Interfax) - Magnit has launched testing of a subscription service for shoppers, the retailer said in a statement.

The new option will allow holders of the company's loyalty cards to receive additional benefits from purchases and discounts, as well as accumulate more bonuses and spend them in all store formats. Customers will be able to purchase subscriptions for accumulated bonuses, Magnit said.

Magnit is conducting the testing on a limited pool of buyers, from 6%-7% of the mobile app users. Magnit will evaluate the customer response and business results of testing regarding growth in turnover and monthly active users, which is the number of unique users in the app per month, and then decide on the timing of scaling and specific mechanics.

The number of Magnit loyalty cardholders has reached 61 million, with 68% of sales being effected via the card, and the average ticket of an active card user being 1.8-fold higher than transactions effected without the card.