21 Jun 2022 12:32

Ukravtogaz director Vatazhyshyn quits company

MOSCOW. June 21 (Interfax) - Oleksandr Vatazhyshyn has left the post of director of Ukravtogaz, a subsidiary of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukrainian media outlets quoted Vatazhyshyn as saying on social media.

Vatazhyshyn was appointed Ukravtogaz director in late December 2018, following his transfer from the post of head of the Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV Ukraine). Prior to that, he had served as Ukrgaz Holding general director.

Even though compressed natural gas is very eco-friendly, around a third of Ukravtogaz's natural gas refueling stations for vehicles are loss-making because of their outdated infrastructure, whereas a surge in natural gas prices made the company suspend the stations' operation starting late 2021.

Meanwhile, since May, these stations have started to be gradually reopened due to petrol shortages and the increase in gasoline and diesel fuel prices in Ukraine.

Ukravtogaz has 90 natural gas refueling stations for vehicles.