20 Jun 2022 14:03

Ukraine proposes framework security treaty, bilateral treaties with each guarantor country - chief of Zelensky's office

MOSCOW. June 20 (Interfax) - Apart from a framework treaty on security guarantees, Ukraine might also sign bilateral treaties with all guarantor countries, Ukrainian media reported on Monday with reference to head of the presidential office Andriy Yermak's interview with LB.ua.

"Various countries have various domestic procedures and specifics. Therefore, this could be a major framework treaty on security guarantees, which would stipulate general principles, parameters, and instruments. All guarantor countries or most of them should sign it," he said.

The document should undergo all internal procedures, national approvals, and ratifications by parliaments, he said.

"However, additional bilateral guarantee treaties with each guarantor country would have to be concluded on its basis as well. They would contain more details and more specifics. And they would also have to be fully ratified inside the states signing it," Yermak said.

"We are seeking to utilize the best practices in the development of international law and our record of interaction with our partners before and after February 24," he said.