17 Jun 2022 20:54

Ukraine's meat exports have not intensified even with permission of transit via EU - association

MOSCOW. June 17 (Interfax) - Exports of Ukrainian pork, beef, and meat products via the European Union to third countries have not intensified even after Ukraine received permission to ship them via the EU in early May.

The opening of transit channels has not had any effect on the Ukrainian pork market, as the relevant permission does not improve Ukraine's export isolation over the African swine fever and does not open the European pork market to Ukrainian operators, Ukrainian media reported with reference to the website of the Ukrainian Association of Pig-Farmers on Friday.

Ukraine had exposure to a limited number of foreign markets where it could export pork before February 24, and most of exports went by sea, it said.

Amid the blockade of export infrastructure, Ukrainian pork is uncompetitive on foreign markets due to high cost prices on animals, expensive fuel, and more substantial transport expenditures during transit via EU countries compared to exports by sea, it said.

On the other hand, pork imports to Ukraine have considerably intensified. According to the association, pork imports in January-May 2022 topped 22,000 tonnes, accounting for 16% of domestic pork output, 8% of the domestic pork market's capacity, and more than doubled pork imports in January-May 2021.

As reported earlier, the European Commission on May 11 permitted exports of pork, beef, and meat products originating in Ukraine to third countries via the EU.