16 Jun 2022 09:19

Rusnano to sell 20 assets, including foreign ones

MOSCOW. June 16 (Interfax) - Rusnano has prepared 20 assets for sale, including foreign ones, the head of the state company, Sergei Kulikov said at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

This refers to assets in the field of alternative energy, he said. "We're exiting them and reconfiguring teams for new tasks," Kulikov said.

Rusnano's portfolio now includes 51 assets, 18 of which are "problematic to various degree," he said. Rusnano has put off plans to sell 13 companies until 2023-2024, "because the current need for them as regards supporting critical infrastructure has become obvious," Kulikov said.

Rusnano sold assets totaling 50 billion rubles in 2021. "Considering that 233 billion rubles was invested in Rusnano [...], 155 billion rubles were received by 2020 from exits from the portfolio. We added another 50 billion rubles to this pool last year. Thus, we crossed the psychological barrier of 200 billion rubles and neared investment expenses, thereby, it seems to us, we generally confirm the profitability of our activities," Kulikov said.

He also said that in the whole period of Rusnano's operations up to 2020, 65 billion rubles of extrabudgetary funds were raised for projects, while in alone 2021 the figure was 68 billion rubles, including 4 billion rubles of the company's own funds and the reset external financing.

Rusnano now believes it is possible to increase the share of private investors in newly created funds, Kulikov said. "We have such an ambition in our strategy, to raise [investment] in a proportion of one to four, meaning one ruble of state or quasi-state [investment] to four rubles of external [investment] in the first half of its implementation, and one to eight by the end of its implementation horizon," he said.