9 Jun 2022 14:27

Rostselmash to fully develop former Taganrog Auto Plant over five years

ST. PETERSBURG. June 9 (Interfax) - Rostselmash , a major Russian farm machinery manufacturer, plans to develop the property of the former Taganrog Automobile Plant (TagAZ) over five years, the company's co-owner and president of Novoye Sodruzhestvo Industrial Union Konstantin Babkin said.

"In Taganrog there is no moment of launching the plant, because the shops are ready, utilities need to be connected. Production operations might begin this year, at the end of the fall. This is a gradual project, putting old facilities into operation. It's a huge area, we have enough for development for five years," Babkin said.

Speaking about the prospects of building a tractor plant in Rostov, he said the issue of equipment supplies is now being resolved. "There are problems with equipment, but they are being resolved. It will not be German. Now the main option is Indian," Babkin said, adding that the schedule has been pushed back by four to five months.

Rostselmash began building production facilities at TagAZ in May 2022. The new facility is expected to enable the company to expand manufacturing of towed and attached equipment. The project, which will cost an estimated 2 billion rubles, will be implemented in three stages, with the launch of a farm machinery plant, a casting facility and a testing ground for combines and tractors.

The owner of the property on which these facilities will be built is JSC Klever, which is owned by Rostselmash shareholders.